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Major Depressive Disorder with Mixed Features – A Practical Guide


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About The Course

Gain expertise in the accurate diagnosis and management of major depressive disorder with mixed features (DMX). Identify how to correctly diagnose patients by studying common symptoms, presentations across different age groups, alternative diagnostic perspectives, and diagnostic tools. Discover diverse management strategies, including psychological and pharmacological therapies, and get insights on the latest research and treatment guidelines to ensure comprehensive patient care.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify how to correctly diagnose patients with major depressive disorder with mixed features (DMX)
  • Consider clinical implications for DMX
  • Discuss management strategies for patients

Course Programme

6 Units | 20 Modules | 2.5 hours total length

  • DMX in Children and Adolescence
  • Types of Mixed States
  • Mixed States in ICD-11
  • Red Flags for DMX
  • Diagnostic Criteria and Tools
  • MDD and Mixed Features Specifier
  • Alternative Diagnostic Perspective
  • Most Common Symptoms
  • Koukopoulos Criteria
  • Case Study
  • First DMX Management Perspective
  • General Management Principles
  • Management Steps and Treatment Options From Stahl et al
  • Treatment Options
  • Algorithm for the Management of DMX
  • Second DMX Management Perspective: RANZCP Guidelines
  • Maintenance Therapy
  • Psychological Treatments
  • Recommendations by Fagioloni and Cuomo
  • Summary of Pharmacological Therapy in DMX
  • Lumateperone in Patients With Bipolar Depression With Mixed Features
  • Case Study
  • Knowledge Check

Course Description

Major Depressive Disorder with Mixed Features – A Practical Guide

Depressive disorder with mixed features (DMX) is a condition in which subsyndromal hypomanic features occur as part of a depressive syndrome. As there aren’t specific diagnostic criteria proposed by the DSM-5 yet, the mixed features can easily be missed and patients with DMX can get misdiagnosed as a consequence.

This in-depth, comprehensive course is designed for healthcare professionals seeking a nuanced understanding of major depressive disorder with mixed features. The course begins with the pathophysiology of mixed states, laying a scientific foundation crucial for identifying the diagnostic nuances of depression with mixed features. We also discuss varying presentations of DMX across different age groups. 

The second section of the course is dedicated to diagnosing major depressive disorder with mixed features by discussing symptoms, alternative diagnostic perspectives, and diagnostic tools such as the Koukopoulos Criteria. You will be provided case studies to sharpen your skills in identifying and assessing DMX effectively.

The biggest section of the course focuses on management strategies for patients with major depressive disorder with mixed features. We cover general management principles, treatments for mixed states, algorithms for management, and different management perspectives for a structured approach to patient care and major depressive disorder treatment plans. We also discuss emerging recommendations and therapies like Lumateperone in patients with Bipolar Depression with Mixed Features. The course culminates with recommendations and a synthesis of current best practices in the management of DMX.

This course is not only a guide but also a resource designed to significantly enhance the clinical skills of its participants in managing major depressive disorder with mixed features.


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Know how to accurately diagnose and manage major depressive disorder with mixed features by studying its symptoms, management strategies, and latest treatments.

Course Information

  • 2.5 Hours
  • 2.5 CPD


  • 2 hours of interactive course material
  • 0.5 hours of video
  • Case studies
  • Self-assessment
  • Certificate of Completion

Material Downloads

  • pdf
  • certificate


Sanil Rege Dr. Sanil Rege MBBS, MRCPsych, FRANZCP

Dr. Sanil Rege is an educator and consultant psychiatrist with dual psychiatry qualifications from the United Kingdom and Australia.

With extensive teaching experience through various psychiatry education initiatives, Dr. Rege is renowned as a motivational training facilitator who promotes interaction and discussion. As the Academic Lead of Psych Scene and Chief Editor of Psych Scene Hub, he aspires to make a difference in mental health by empowering healthcare professionals to advance their skills and career through specialized training.

Dr. Rege is also founder of Vita Healthcare, a private clinic in Mount Eliza specializing in mental health. He has over 10 years of private practice experience treating disorders across the spectrum, currently working in the community, in-patient, consultation-liaison and addiction psychiatry.

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