Excel as a Psychiatrist:

Case formulation and development of a management strategy are the most important skills for a psychiatrist. The Psych Scene Formulation and Management Masterclass is a unique course designed by an experienced clinician, equipping Registrars with skills to enhance their clinical practice. You will learn vital and normally hard-to-find tips for exams and clinical practice to advance successfully through training. The course transforms the way you practice psychiatry by imparting knowledge that will help you in the exams and stay with you in your clinical practice for life.

» Developed based on 15 years of clinical practice

» Formulation and Management Skills for Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs), Observed Clinical Activity (OCA) and Case Based Discussions (CBDs)

» Case Presentation Skills with a Focus on Presenting Formulation and Management

» Formulation and Management Topics Relevant to MEQs

» Refresher on Psychopharmacology and Psychological Therapies








Formulation & Management Masterclass for Registrars: (SESSION 1) 
» Principles of Psychiatric Assessment: Focused Diagnostic Interview
» How to Develop a Comprehensive Formulation
» How to Structure a Strategic Management Plan
» Real Life Case Studies and Presentations
Formulation & Management Masterclass for Registrars (SESSION 2) 
» Pharmacological and Psychological Principles in Management
» Summary of Evidence-Based Treatments
» How to Present a Case Like a Consultant
» Real Life Case Studies and Presentations
Formulation & Management Masterclass for Registrars (SESSION 3)
» Bringing it all together: Formulation & Management Presentations
» 1. Interactive Case Study 1
» 2. Interactive Case Study 2

This Psych Scene meeting is sponsored by Lundbeck Australia and Otsuka Australia, with the educational content independently developed by Psych Scene.

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