Event Date: 23rd May 24

Welcome to the webinar ‘Breaking the Spell of Internet Gaming Addiction’ with Dr Huu Kim Le.

This webinar will take place on May 23rd 2024, at 7 PM (AEST). The Webinar is recorded and will be available for on-demand viewing. 

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Embark on an insightful journey into the realm of internet gaming addiction with Dr. Huu Kim Le, a distinguished psychiatrist specializing in the management of video and internet gaming disorders. Driven by his childhood passion for video games and a keen interest in medicine, Dr. Le has emerged as a leading expert in the field, having diagnosed one of the first cases of internet gaming addiction in Australia during the early stages of his career.

This exclusive webinar offers a unique opportunity to delve into the profound impact of internet gaming on mental health. Dr. Le will share his extensive knowledge and experiences, providing valuable insights into identifying when gaming habits transform into a significant problem. Gain practical guidance on assisting individuals grappling with gaming disorder as Dr. Le explores the principles of assessment, diagnosis, and effective treatment approaches.

The event will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing for members. 

Key topics include:

  • Introduction to Gaming Disorder (video gaming addiction)
  • Principles of Assessment and Diagnosis
  • When to seek a professional opinion
  • Treatment approaches to Gaming Disorder
  • Comorbidities – ADHD and ASD
  • Prevention and future approaches to Gaming Disorder and Screen Addiction

Speaker profile – Dr Huu Kim Le

Dr Huu Kim Le is an Adelaide based Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, specialising in video gaming addiction or “gaming disorder”. He is Chair of the Australian Gaming and Screens Alliance, a health advocacy charity with a mission to prevent harms associated with gaming disorder. Dr Le provides a completely online telepsychiatry service CGI Clinic, that offers gaming disorder assessment and management plans.

In 2015, Dr Le was awarded a federal grant to investigate video gaming addiction clinics in Asian countries like Singapore, South Korea and Japan. This led to a TEDx Talk at Adelaide Town Hall in front of 600 people titled “The Spell of Digital Immersion”. Dr Le filmed an interactive SBS documentary “Are You Addicted to Technology?” in 2021.

Dr Sanil Rege is a consultant psychiatrist and academic, with dual qualifications from the UK and Australia. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK).

This webinar is complimentary for Academy members. 

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