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The ADHD Masterclass Lecture Series – A Comprehensive Guide


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About The Course

Develop your expertise in ADHD guidelines, diagnosis, and management through our comprehensive, evidence-based, and accredited course. This program is made for healthcare professionals eager to broaden their knowledge and skills, equipping them to excel in the dynamic realm of ADHD clinical practice guidelines.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore the neurobiology of ADHD
  • Discuss the impacts and progression of adult ADHD across the patient’s lifespan
  • Identify gender differences in the clinical presentation of ADHD
  • Describe the proposed criteria for correctly diagnosing patients with ADHD
  • Explain the complexities and differences in the presentation of adult ADHD
  • Discuss management principles and implement various strategies for treating patients with ADHD
  • Explain the differences in mechanisms of action and clinical application between stimulants and non-stimulants
  • Explain the legal requirements in the prescribing of stimulants
  • Assess ADHD-associated comorbidities with treatment strategies.
  • Discuss the management of ADHD and substance use
  • Recognise the relationship between ADHD and sleep disorders

Course Programme

3 Modules | 7.5 hours total length

  • The Neurobiology of ADHD
  • Gender Differences in Presentations
  • Diagnostic Evaluation including assessment of comorbidities
  • Practical application of diagnostic evaluation through interactive case studies
  • Psychopharmacological management of Adult ADHD
  • Psychopharmacology of Stimulants
  • Psychopharmacology of Non-stimulants
  • Principles of Lifestyle Interventions - Sleep | Exercise | Activity
  • Legal aspects in prescribing
  • Translating Psychopharmacology to Clinical Practice through Case Studies
  • ADHD and Comorbidities – General Principles
  • ADHD and Sleep
  • ADHD and Substance use
  • Translating Neurobiology to Clinical Practice Through Clinical Case Studies - Complex Presentations

Course Description

Master ADHD guidelines, diagnosis, and management

This 3-part video series provides evidence-based, case-study-packed ADHD lectures spanning low to high complexity. It offers transformative approaches to diagnosis and management, including exploring the neurobiology of ADHD, identifying gender differences in ADHD, implementing targeted treatment strategies, assessing comorbidities like sleep and pain, and ADHD guidelines in Australia and beyond. Legal requirements for prescribing stimulants are also covered. It is a must for psychiatrists seeking to expand their ADHD knowledge and skills.

This course explores the impacts and progression of adult ADHD across a patient’s lifespan, recognizing that effective diagnosis and management require considering the patient’s entire journey. Another critical aspect that this course will address is the gender differences in ADHD, enhancing your ability to provide personalized care.

We also provide a comprehensive look at the criteria for diagnosing patients with ADHD accurately. The complexities and variations in the presentation of adult ADHD are discussed in detail, enabling you to navigate the intricacies of this condition effectively.

You will be equipped with ADHD management principles and treatment strategies, the differences in mechanisms of action and clinical application between stimulants and non-stimulants, and important ADHD guidelines and legal requirements in prescribing stimulants.

Beyond the basics, you’ll learn how to assess ADHD-associated comorbidities and implement effective treatment strategies for comprehensive care. We also cover the management of ADHD and substance use and the relationship between ADHD and sleep disorders.

Upon completion of this course, you will be well-versed in the ADHD clinical practice guidelines and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals affected by ADHD. This ADHD guidelines course has 7.5 CPD hours that will revolutionize your approach to ADHD and psychiatry.

Accredited and aligned with international ADHD guidelines

The RACGP accredits the Masterclass for 7.5 hrs. RANZCP Accreditation for Psychiatrists for 7.5 hrs after the completion of attendance. It is now a GPMHSC FPS CPD approved activity that aligns with the new ADHD guidelines in Australia. 








This course provides ADHD certification for therapists and ADHD RACGP points / ADHD CME points for medical professionals.

ADHD Masterclass – The Diagnosis and Management of Adult ADHD Simplified 

This series of online events have been endorsed by the RANZCP as CPD activity code: ED000066 and each hour of participation can be claimed under Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 4.1). 

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Learn ADHD guidelines, diagnosis and management with our evidence-based course for healthcare professionals seeking to master ADHD clinical practice guidelines.

Course Information

  • 7.5 hours
  • 7.5 CPD


  • Articles and case studies
  • Self-assessment
  • Certificate of Completion

Material Downloads

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Sanil Rege Dr. Sanil Rege MBBS, MRCPsych, FRANZCP

Dr. Sanil Rege is an educator and consultant psychiatrist with extensive experience in ADHD management for over 10 years.

Dr. Rege brings a wealth of experience in community, inpatient, addiction, and C-L Psychiatry. This course offers unique insights and ADHD guidelines that go beyond the textbook descriptions of ADHD. With evidence-based, case-study-packed lectures spanning from low to high complexity and covering comorbidities like sleep and pain, this masterclass offers 7.5 CPD hours that will transform the way you approach ADHD and psychiatry.

Dr Rege has made significant contributions to the field through his numerous written works on the neurobiology, diagnosis, and management of ADHD, along with associated comorbidities. These articles have been widely read and have received over 300,000 views.

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