The ADHD Masterclass Lecture Series – A Comprehensive Guide

ADHD masterclass series

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Welcome to The ADHD Masterclass Series. 

“Excellent Sanil I enjoyed it despite having enough knowledge in the subject matter, you have done a great job”.

“Completely new understanding of what ADHD actually encompasses, and now know why ‘one size’ does not fit all”.

“Barely any room for improvement as more than met my expectations. Great delivery. Focused but yet able to deviate for questions. Feel privileged to have been able to attend thank you Sanil & team!”

“Well done Sanil and team, again. Very useful, building on prior concepts and looking forward to future webinars. Has already helped clarify my thinking with current clinical problems.”

“It actually went further than expectations.”


Master ADHD diagnosis and management with our evidence-based, accredited course – The ultimate guide for psychiatrists and mental healthcare professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in ADHD diagnosis and management.

This 3-part video lecture series provides evidence-based, case-study-packed lectures spanning low to high complexity, covering ADHD and comorbidities like sleep and pain. It offers transformative approaches to diagnosis and management, including exploring the neurobiology of ADHD, identifying gender differences, implementing targeted treatment strategies, and assessing comorbidities. Legal requirements for prescribing stimulants are also covered. A must for psychiatrists seeking to expand their ADHD knowledge and skills.

The ADHD Masterclass webinar series provides a comprehensive and practical approach to diagnosing and managing Adult ADHD and its comorbidities. Led by the experienced educator and psychiatrist, Dr Sanil Rege, who has extensive experience in community, inpatient, addiction, and C-L Psychiatry, this uniquely designed course provides insights into ADHD that go beyond the textbook descriptions. Through evidence-based lectures filled with case studies ranging from low to high complexity and addressing comorbidities such as sleep and pain, this Masterclass offers 7.5 CPD hours that can revolutionise your approach to ADHD and psychiatry.

The RACGP accredits the Masterclass for 7.5 hrs.RANZCP Accreditation for Psychiatrists for 7.5 hrs after the completion of attendance.


ADHD Masterclass – The Diagnosis and Management of Adult ADHD Simplified 

This series of online events have been endorsed by the RANZCP as CPD activity code: ED000066 and each hour of participation can be claimed under Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 4.1). 

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Explore the neurobiology of ADHD
  2. Discuss the impacts and progression of adult ADHD across the patient’s lifespan
  3. Identify gender differences in the clinical presentation of ADHD
  4. Describe the proposed criteria for correctly diagnosing patients with ADHD
  5. Explain the complexities and differences in the presentation of adult ADHD
  6. Discuss management principles and implement various strategies for treating patients with ADHD
  7. Explain the differences in mechanisms of action and clinical application between stimulants and non-stimulants
  8. Explain the legal requirements in the prescribing of stimulants
  9. Assess ADHD-associated comorbidities with treatment strategies.
  10.  Discuss the management of ADHD and substance use
  11. Recognise the relationship between ADHD and sleep disorders

Speaker Profile:

Dr Sanil Rege is a highly experienced consultant psychiatrist with extensive experience in ADHD management for over 10 years.

Dr Rege’s passion for teaching and educating others has led him to develop a masterclass that provides unique insights into ADHD beyond textbook descriptions.

Dr Rege has made significant contributions to the field through his numerous written works on the neurobiology, diagnosis, and management of ADHD and associated comorbidities. These articles have been widely read and have received over 300,000 views.

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