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Private Practice Masterclass Curriculum

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About The Course

Embark on our Private Practice Masterclass Curriculum to acquire vital skills for a thriving private psychiatric practice. With engaging video lectures, case studies, quizzes, and activities, learn effective mental models, navigate practice pros and cons, and establish formalities. Strategize marketing, implement quality improvement techniques, and dive into the fundamentals of financial management for medical minds. Master private psychiatric practice setup, healthcare accounting, proactive financial management, and more. Elevate your practice with essential insights for success.

What You'll Learn

In this Curriculum, we offer two courses:

1Private Practice Masterclass: The Essentials for Setting Up a Successful Private Psychiatric Practice

  • Consider the role of adopting effective mental models in setting up private practice
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of private psychiatric practice
  • Explore the formalities and requirements of establishing a private psychiatric practice
  • Discuss a range of strategies for how to best market your practice
  • Explore detailed quality improvement strategies to enhance practice performance and maximise efficiency

2. Financial Foundations for Medical Minds: Unlocking Accounting and Finance for Doctors

  • Differences between personal finances, investments and other money management strategies.
  • Impact of different tax and healthcare accountancy-based decisions at different points in one’s career.
  • Insights into the four different business structures and their wider implications.
  • Recognise the importance of managing your financial affairs and reviewing them regularly.

Course Programme

4 Units | 20 Modules | 9 hours total length

  • From Clinician to Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Private Practice
  • Resource Management as an Entrepreneur
  • Knowledge Management
  • Key Aspects in Setting Up a Private Practice
  • Measuring Success
  • Private Practice as a Business Structure
  • Essential Registrations and Applications
  • Financial Management
  • Patient Communications
  • A Normal Private Practice Day
  • Quality and Process Evaluation
  • Laws of Marketing
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Provider, Medico-legal & Other Considerations
  • Niches in Psychiatry
  • Navigating Complexities: Case Studies: Legal Reporting, Handling Gifts, Fitness to Drive, Coping after Suicide, Telehealth, Ending Treatment, Being Recorded, Handing Backdated Complaints...
  • Doctor's Self Care and Final Thoughts
  • Company Structures: Sole Trader, Family Trust, Partnership, Limited Company
  • Expenses & Public vs Private Finances
  • Principles of Wealth Building

Course Description

Welcome to the Private Practice Masterclass Curriculum where we integrates the essentials of private psychiatric practice setup with the intricacies of financial management tailored for mental health professionals. Embark on a transformative journey as we merge the expertise of ‘Private Practice Masterclass: The Essentials’ with the financial acumen offered in ‘Financial Foundations for Medical Minds.’

Participants will acquire essential knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complexities of establishing and flourishing in their private psychiatric practice, while also gaining valuable insights into financial management customized for medical clinicians. Upon completion, participants can claim 9 CPD hours, with allocations of 6.5 hours towards Educational Activity, 1 hour towards Reviewing Performance, and 1.5 hours towards Measuring Outcomes, contributing significantly to ongoing professional development.

Private Practice Masterclass: The Essentials for Setting Up a Successful Private Psychiatric Practice.

In “Private Practice Masterclass: The Essentials” Dr. Sanil Rege guides you through the intricate process of establishing a thriving private psychiatric practice. This masterclass equips participants with essential skills for adopting effective mental models, assessing the pros and cons of private practice, navigating establishment formalities, mastering marketing strategies, and implementing quality improvement strategies for optimal practice performance. Engage with video lectures, case studies, activities, and quizzes for a comprehensive learning experience.

In Unit 1, ‘Establishing an Effective Mindset in Private Psychiatry Practice‘, Dr. Rege shares his personal experiences, blending clinical expertise with entrepreneurial insights. Gain invaluable knowledge on adopting effective mental models and developing SMART goals to pave the way for a thriving private practice. Some of the key points covered in this unit are,

  • Transitioning from Clinician to Entrepreneur – Understanding the crucial mindset shift required for a successful private practice.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Private Practice – Explore the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and systematic innovation. Utliize the CANMEDS model as a tool for becoming a proficient practitioner and a versatile business owner.
  • Resource Management as an Entrepreneur – Uncover the significance of resource management and its role in efficiently shifting resources to enhance value in private practice.
  • Identifying Key Resources – Recognise essential resources for success and explore diagnostic models, frameworks, and cognitive biases that influence decision-making.
  • Key Aspects in Setting Up a Private Practice – Delve into Dr. Rege’s insights on spotting opportunities and effectively managing risks in the process of setting up a private practice.
  • Measuring Success – 
    • Understanding its subjective nature and diverse meanings.
    • Explore different mindsets, potential barriers and the neurobiological processes influencing human responses.
    • Prepare for checkpoint activities, including an exploration of the neurobiology of success and recognizing limitations to prevent burnout.

In Unit 2, Deep Dive into Establishing a Private Psychiatric Practice with Dr Sanil Rege as he guides you through a comprehensive series of video lectures, slides, checkpoint activities, and reflective exercises designed to empower you in maximizing efficiency and achieving success in private practice. In this module, Dr. Rege shares invaluable insights on the first three months of setting up a private practice, creating a quality improvement framework, building a strong referral base, and mastering the essential principles of marketing. Some of the key points covered in this unit are,

  • Private Practice as a Business Structure (Part 1)
  • Essential Registrations & Applications
  • Administration and Staff Management Structures
  • Financial Management
  • Patient Communications and 291 Billing
  • A Normal Private Practice Day (Example)
  • Quality and Process Evaluation
  • Laws of Marketing

In Unit 3, Special and Complex Situations, Dr. Sanil Rege delves into the intricacies of special situations that may arise in a psychiatric practice. This comprehensive discussion addresses various aspects, ranging from frequently asked questions by private psychiatry practitioners to the challenges of establishing a successful business. Dr. Rege explores niche business opportunities within psychiatry and provides insights into common complexities and medico-legal considerations that entrepreneurs may encounter on their journey. The module also includes case studies to illustrate key concepts covered in the video lectures. Some of the key points covered in this unit are,

  • Frequently Asked Questions Part 1: Medicare Considerations
  • Frequently Asked Questions Part 2: Attending court as an expert witness
  • Frequently Asked Questions Part 3: Common letter requests and Legal obligations
  • Niches in Psychiatry Part 1: Advantages and Disadvantages of Specialising, Developing a Specialist ADHD Practice, Example of a typical contract, Aspects to consider
  • Niches in Psychiatry Part 2: Other Niche Areas in Private Practice, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Navigating Complexities & Challenges: Ethics, Medicolegal issues
  • Negligence and Professional Liability: Case study 1 – Agency report request and Reflect, Case study 2 – Lease issues and Reflect
  • Contract Clauses & Fitness to Drive Requests: Accepting gifts and Fitness to drive guidance.
  • Coping after patient suicide: Instances of suicide, The aftermath of suicide
  • Telehealth: Setting up a Telehealth practice, Telehealth – Duty of care, Clinical considerations, Adverse outcomes, MBS numbers, Medicare Item numbers, Global Assessment of Functioning scale
  • Terminating Treatment
  • Doctor Self Care

Financial Foundations for Medical Minds: Unlocking Accounting and Finance for Doctors.

“Financial Foundations for Medical Minds” offers a comprehensive dive into financial management essentials tailored for medical clinicians, individuals starting a private practice, and practitioners seeking to enhance their financial acumen. This course explores the distinctive requirements of healthcare accounting, highlighting the importance of accurate bookkeeping for meeting regulatory standards and maintaining the financial well-being of practices.

Participants explore differences between personal finances and medical accounting, dissecting their impact on financial planning and investment diversification. They then delve into the complexities of medical practice accounting, gaining an understanding of tax implications and the advantages of strategic decision-making.

The course also addresses common business structures in medical practice financial management, offering insights into their tax implications. Emphasizing the significance of proactive financial management, participants acquire strategies to maintain the financial well-being and regulatory compliance of their practices.

“Financial Foundations for Medical Minds” is more than just a course; it’s an investment in participants’ futures, equipping them with essential healthcare accounting tools for a successful medical career.

While our Academy members enjoy exclusive access to a range of courses and webinars (including this curriculum) with their annual membership, we’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase the Private Practice Masterclass Curriculum individually.

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Enrol now to learn private psychiatric practice essentials and financial management for medical practices, ensuring success in your career journey.

Course Information

  • 9 Hours
  • 9 CPD


  • 8.5+ hours of video
  • Case Studies
  • Self-assessment
  • Certificate of Completion

Material Downloads

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Sanil Rege Dr. Sanil Rege MBBS, MRCPsych, FRANZCP

With extensive teaching experience through various psychiatry education initiatives, Sanil is renowned as a motivational training facilitator who promotes fruitful discussion and collaboration.

As the Academic Lead of Psych Scene and Chief Editor of Psych Scene Hub, he aspires to make a difference in mental health by empowering healthcare professionals to advance their skills and career through the provision of specialised training and education.

Sanil is also the founder of Vita Healthcare, a private clinic in Mount Eliza specialising in adult mental healthcare, with over 10 years of private practice experience treating disorders across the spectrum. He currently works in the community, across in-patient, consultation-liaison and addiction psychiatry spaces. 

stephen price integer financial group Stephen Price Guest Speaker

Stephen Price is a financial adviser and founder of Integer Financial Group. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and has passed the FASEA Ethics exam. With over 15 years of experience providing specialist financial advice for medical professionals, Stephen has a keen focus on providing advice to doctors in the rural and remote communities of Australia.

michael peters Michael Peters Guest Speaker

Michael Peters has over 30 years of experience in public practice and ASX-listed companies, specializing in the medical industry and wealth management. Michael is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) at The University of NSW. Michael was originally qualified through Ernst and Young and PWC.

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