A Comprehensive Guide to Adult ADHD in Clinical Practice – Diagnosis and Management

Comprehensive guide to ADHD Background

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Welcome to A Comprehensive Guide to Adult ADHD in Clinical Practice.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that often begins in childhood and adolescence and which, in many cases, can persist during adulthood.

Less than one in five adult ADHD patients are currently diagnosed and treated. This can have a significant impact at the individual and societal levels.

This course should take approximately 2.5 hours for you to complete going through the following journey:

Throughout this course, we will:

  • Identify the key characteristics and neurobiology of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Consider the impacts and progression of adult ADHD across the lifespan of a patient
  • Identify the proposed criteria for correctly diagnosing patients with ADHD
  • Recognise the complexities and differences in the presentation of adult ADHD
  • Discuss management principles and strategies for treating patients with ADHD
  • Explore ADHD-associated comorbidities and treatment strategies
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